Over type his hype

Over hype my type aka Elliott Barker, is a graphic genius who dances like a latino stripper on speed and makes us laugh 'til we're about to pee. He's in Brighton now and we miss him a whole lot so we decided to ask him a few questions, so he could give us the down low on what he's been doing without us and what his opinions on celebrity spanking are. 

What do you do?
Graphic Design at Brighton.

If you weren’t doing graphics what would you be doing?
Something to do with music or train driving, maybe a toy railway enthusiast, yeah that would be pretty sweet.

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
I would say it is, I like what I make. But then I think is that because other people similar have had their work "bigged up" by critics to an extent that I subconsciously think my work would be accepted by the them.

Who do you think gets 'it' wrong?
People who don't actually have something wrong with them. e.g a light form of ocd.

Who/what inspires you?
A good bit of type that gets the juices flowing, it's like the equivalent of a obese person seeing a greasy kfc bucket meal. Anyone that uses a lot of white space and is minimalist and abstract. 

Does sex sell?
I would have to say yes, sex provokes more interest, well for the male audience anyway. Me included. It seems to be finding its way into graphics a bit more these days.

Dream fuck-buddy?
I'll say my girlfriend here, so I don't get in trouble.

Favorite song to make-out to?
God knows, Al Green? Although aren't most the lyrics about splitting up? Subliminal messages there, maybe not the best.

Hottest blog?
Pervy girls, you can thank me later.

Celebrity Spanking: Hot or not?
Thats just a very weird question, no comment. Mainly because I don't know what to put

Would you ever make a sex tape?
I have to say that's up their with one my 'things to do'. Although would their be a market for Graphic design sex tapes? Maybe I could pixelate it or make it into a stop motion?

Anything else?
I decided to start drinking green tea today, can I just say its fucking disgusting.


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