a nice firm pair of baps

You know the feeling when you are looking for the perfect whore to satisfy your needs, but you're all like 'aw shit, what if she won't let me piss on her face or put this gnome shaped dildo in her ass while I whisper her my fantasies about wearing her skin'. Well understanding the problem's one can face in situations like these here at Pervy HQ, we have found the PERFECT solution to all your deviant needs. Punternet allows you to rate and research your fave hoe's. That's right, there is an actual online outlet for your frustrations when you rock up at her 1960's concrete council jungle, only to realise that the hot babe on the phonebox calling card may have been that smoking circa 1973, but nowadays is more likely to resemble Pat Butcher after a particularly heavy session at the Queen Vic...you no longer have to swallow your disappointment, you hear! Go home, log-on to your virtual life-line (big-ass computer/laptop/heck even an ipad maybe) and tell the world how this is the last time Mercedez from BristolBabes.net fucks with YOU, the punter! Punternet also provides a very handy tool in that gone are the days when you go along to one of these sessions practically blindfolded in what to expect. You no longer need to worry that your chosen suitor will carry out that blow job with as much enthusiasm as a fat kid on sports days, if she has bad reviews then don't even go there sistah! Now you can stick to the golden girls of prostitution, the ones who will cup your balls in her hand while telling you the results of the Everton vs Aston Villa game, who won't act revolted as you shoot your seed into her sad, unwilling mouth. The one with the big green YES next to her name. The power lays with you, our friends, go forth and use it wisely, it's like facebook for your dick.



San Francisco

The place of pervy love and dreams. oh please take me back.



Vampire sex in a can lads? 
We're all friends here, us girls won't judge your freaky fantasies... 
too much.

Oh xtina

Christina looks as slammin' as ever baring all on the cover of W magazines' July issue. I'm glad that shes ditched the husband and doing what she does best - being the ultimate trashy bitch.
Christina, We love you, always have always will.