Standard Movie Post

Whether they're killing, fighting or fucking, lovers, mothers or enemies this is what's  getting us through the festive season. Screw being a good son/daughter and getting sociable with the fam. Take that bottle of gin (or wine/vodka/beer, whatevs), lock yourself in your bedroom and catch up with these total heroes. And why save it just for crimbo, we're getting down with these babes all year 


Slave 4 U

(click on pictures to make em bigger)

 I heard about slaves on Gumtree, a while back and my first thought was 'eww' at some skeez getting his/her kicks outta being told they are the most disgustingly vile thing to ever crawl the earth while wearing a nappy. Then I got bummed out with cleaning/tidying and thought it wouldn't hurt to look into it and this is what I found (see above). Not only can you have a 'domestic slave' who will crawl around your house carrying out your every demand, in a freaking maids outfit if you desire, there are also 'financial slaves' who will to take you out and buy loads of stuff for you and all you have to do is tell them how sick they make you, how they belong burning in the depths of hell etc. You don't even have to make out with them...kinda hot? I dunno I'm just saying. Slaves are blates gonna be the ultimate accessory of 2010, so snap yours up quickly guys and gals.


New Years Eve

Come to Tuff & Deadly at the Royal Hotel! 
The night is sure to be even more rad than the posters are.  Now thats sayin' something! 


Part deux

So yeah the flat failure continued, leaving London one Pervy Girl down. I have to admit though, it does feel pretty good to be home, especially amongst all the forthcoming festivities and that oh so welcoming fully packed out fridge; haven't seen one of those in a while. This is however a feeling that I know will surpass pretty quickly. Very quickly in fact (the being back at home part, definitely not the fridge part.) So after the new year, I shall once again be on the disastrous mission to find a new threshold. Wish me luck!


Psycho Killa'

So we Pervy Girls are currently holed up in our respective bedrooms at (kinda) opposite sides of London. Deadlines suck, whatevs. Anyway creating my latest ingenius concept, amidst metres of black PVC, I got to thinking about my favourite movie badass aka Catwoman, I'm talking Michelle Phieffer in Batman Returns, bitches . Wow, how can one chick be so hot and totally psycho crazy at the same time. So lets show this hot babe some appreciation, everyone dig out your sewing machines and the load of pvc you have hiding under your bed (c'mon fetish-istas) and lets see out the year with a crack of your whip.


Christmas Barbie

Christian Louboutin has 'collaborated with Barbie' (Um, yeah Barbie's not actually real, so that must have been hard) this christmas to create the Cat Burglar Barbie, that can be purchased from Net-a-Porter but for a not so original Barbie price of £100. The Barbie comes styled in a raunchy black catsuit, with a collection of four red soled Louboutins, all of which come with their own shoe bag and box. Okay, so aren't half the female population already jealous of Barbies amazingly hot plastic body? Without adding to the fact that she now 'owns' not one but FOUR pairs of shoes designed by arguably one of the most desired shoe designers in the world. I would say that this makes our (probably hidden) secret jealousy of a doll, stem just that little bit further. Because lets face it, if you're buying the doll you sure as hell can't afford the real thing. I can't actually decide whether I think this is a good idea or whether its just plain creepy. I mean where would you put it? Weird.


Terry Richardson

With an aesthetic that is completely raw and intimate yet undoubtably mixed with comedic tendancies, Richardson has gained a reputation for pushing ethical and provoctive boundaries. This and his simplistic photographic style are what to me make him a cut above the rest! So it would be totally amazing to be photographed by this hero right?! Well get your butts out and email him because he's on the look out for some fresh new faces to photograph naked (male/female). Woah thats WAY too much of a pervy oppourtunity to miss out on right?



Okay, so firstly on behalf of The Pervy Girls I would like to apologise for the total lack of blogging, we're shit. Whatevs.  Secondly I would just like to elaborate on how hard it is to find a fucking place to live in London. Who knew it would be so hard?! One bed places are a total no-no unless you are fond of living in a pest (un)controlled environment in a room the size of a laid out kleenex tissue with a shared bathroom, shared kitchen and hell even a shared bed wouldn't be far off. Oh and did I forget to mention these places come at a cheap £150 per week and are of course convientently placed absolutely no where near any transport links? Then when you do eventually find somewhere you are greeted by welcoming, friendly, kind, helpful estate agents who will do their upmost to make you happy. Like add some more charges on top. Cunts. Maybe I would have more luck if I didn't base my whole living decisions on where I could hold the best parties...?

Yeah, to be continued. Unfortunately.


As every pervy girl knows, no night is complete without a little guy ogling and some heavy petting, (if you’re lucky). That’s why last Thursday myself and the resident perves headed out into the vibrant sexual abyss that is Camden to track down some guitar slinging, screamo singing, band boy hotties. I pretty much climaxed on entry when HildaMay took to the stage, front man and crazy hot model Josh Beech stole the show and made us want to come back again and again and again! Never since the days of Spungen have a couple of groupies wanted to suck and fuck so badly that paying a tenner a head entry seemed like a pittance after such a mind blowing show. 

Pallenberg eat your heart out.

fucks and kisses
Amy Cocks


Excite Me

    photograph by Guido Argentini

Show me 
With your fingers
Help me 
Suck me 
Lick my spine 
The wet 
Red Lipstick 
A tissue 
Nipples erect 
Tell me

(excerpt from Cloak & Dagger Butterfly by Amanda Eliasch)



Hooray! Finally found a good pervy Playboy dealer, who can help to fuel our obsession without breaking the bank. This particular issue is from March 1969, and has given us hours of entertainment. All images are tasteful and instead of the barbie doll replicas we see in magazines today, the women have ass n titties and are totally hot. The magazine indulges in what every guy typically digs; women, cars, smoking,  fashion 'slacks' (ew) and even an advertisement on weed (oh man only in the 60's!) Anyway, with it's quirky illustrations, photographs, retro typefaces and the occasional butt or boob, it's definitely worth a read.


Buskin' Beauty.

So I'm running to catch the last tube, well actually it was more of a light jog but I was doing it so I wouldnt have to endure the tourture of yet another night bus home. So yeah as I'm beginning to pick up a bit more speed, I see this wonderful guy buskin', right there I felt the need to stop this stupid 'jog' and take a photo of this crazily happy stud. He sang and danced all the time with the biggest smile stretched across his face, I don't know what he was on, but I sure wanted some. The Pervy Girls have a heart too, and it's crazy people like this that make us happy, hence why this guy definitely deserved a pervy mention. Even if it did mean that I was a second closer to missing my ride.


Little Fanny Annie.

Playboys' first regular comic strip.
Click on the images to enlarge so you can have a proper read of one of the many horny adventures of little Miss Fanny Annie.


Turning Japanese

Ok so this is NOT a music blog. Us Pervy Girls don't profess to know anything about music apart from music we occasionally like to get freaky to (no, my heart will not go on, we're kinda into nervous breakdowns), so anyway the only time you will hear us talking about music is when it's linked to sex. With Bo Ningen this is how it goes, they make music and we want to have sex with them. Seriously these guys are so hot, in a cloned Grudge orgy, just don't give a fuck kinda way. We're not going to try and bang on about the type of music they make, blah, they put on a fucking amazing show and thats all we care about, along with perving on their hotness. So anyway here are some rubbish pictures from their gig at the Victoria, last Friday. We were too busy shaking ass and being hit in the head with guitars to get any good snaps.


Up all night, We got demons to fight.

Oh we will remember, we will remember the 5th of November. Just.