Fuck me like that

Totally Pervy link courtesy of Mr. Smith, thanks babes you pervert. 


Ciaran O'Shea

The wonderfully talented Ciaran O'shea has taken 5 minutes out of his totally busy schedule to give us the O'shea Perv low down....
What do you do?
I design under the name Discordo. I've done a lot of music based work including The Horrors, No Bra, These New Puritans and Kate Nash, nicely eclectic and allows me to get stuck into illustration, video work, digital design, paper, scissors, glue. I also put on club nights starting at Southends' Junkclub and more recently ECC and OFFSETCIRCLES. The later a mutation between ECC and the fantastic Offset Festival (www.offsetfestival.co.uk) which we curate a tent at each year. Any spare time is spent playing records, making music as E.Gold or co-running a little independant record label called DiscError Recordings, putting out limited vinyls by bands including Ipso Facto, Ulterior, R O M A N C E, Death In Plains.

If you wasn’t doing this what else would you be doing?
Honestly i dont know. I've worked a lot of rubbish jobs, I definitely know what i wouldn't be doing. 

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
Beauty is in the eye of the pyramid

Who do you think gets 'it' wrong?
Id rather pay attention to the people getting it right - Dean Chalkley, Passions, Angular Records, Darren Berry, Rhys Webb, The Horrors, These New Puritans, Offset Festival too many to name.

Who/what inspires you?
Typography. Designers like Robert Brown-John, people that transcend their disciplines like Trevor Jackson with Output Records, Playgroup and amazing design and video work. Hard working creatives like Dean Chalkley or people who speak their mind like Christopher Hitchens.

Does sex sell?
Feeling sells.

Dream fuck-buddy?
I'd prefer a nice cup of tea

Favorite song to make-out to?
Throbbing Gristle - Very Friendly Pt.1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q1-lB4WofA)

Hottest blog?

Celebrity Spanking: Hot or not?
Corporal Punishment

Would you ever make a sex tape?
Id rather edit one, perhaps design the cover x


Going Ga Ga for Americana

Double denim has never felt so right.


Trash talk lovin'

Just hanging out in the trailer with my bitches, bring back summer 2008. 


Generic mobile uploads


Hot Shit..

Blogging is where our pervy hearts are at, so the concept of Tumblr being a whole new level of blogging, confuses us and our natural cyberphobe instincts. However we managed to Branch out in the name of Wholesick and check out this whole new world (late on the bandwagon, I know) and yeah we liked it. Just as much as we like him. So check it out HERE.



Richard Kern is mostly recognized  for his simplistic yet alluring shots of women in their natural forms. His images have proved to be very popular and he now regularly photographs  for established brand names such as Hermes and Vice. Ever wanted to be photographed by a pornographic genius such as Kern? Well nows your chance as he is on the search for now faces (or boobs) to photograph, just simply email your topless photos to HERE and Richard will get back to you from there!