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This is Lucy Pearson, make-up extraordinaire and friend to the Pervy Girls. Not content with creating masterpieces, having a heroic father (think NYC circa the Factory days and still partyin' hard), she's also totally hot (see above). So we've got together some of her amazin' work and asked her a few questions for your viewing pleasure. She also has a blog which is pretty damn cute. Check it out Enjoy motherfuckers.

So what do you do?

I'm a make-up artist, so I put make-up on the faces of those who need to look different for some reason. Superficially I love it simply because I love looking at beautiful things, especially when I've made them. I think its the most fulfilling process. I'm also a waitress, I'm unbelievably good at it too, its probably my true calling in life but I'm doing my best to completely ignore it.

If you weren’t a make-up artist what would you be?

If I had the smarts, I'd be a paleontologist for sure! But seeing as it took me five minutes to work out how to spell paleontologist, I'd have to say stylist, artist or one of the hippies I came across as a child in India. They truly did absolutely shit all, but they were happy.

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Yes completely, but I have a horrible little voice inside me telling me that my eyes see the clearest. That not really right is it? What can you do.

Who do you think gets 'it' wrong?

Amanda Holden. There's just nothing right there.

Who/what inspires you? 

My Father and Gaga, big glossy pictures and very old paintings.

Does sex sell?

Like nothing else ever has or ever will.

Dream fuck-buddy?


 Favorite song to make-out to?

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights is my favorite song to do absolutely anything to.

Hottest blog?

Do I really have to answer that??! Pervy.

Obvs. So Celebrity Spanking: Hot or not?

No I'm not sure if it is...... hope that doesn't disappoint.

Would you ever make a sex tape?

I adore all things sleazy, but personally, I'm a complete and utter prude so I'd have to say no.

Anything else?

Don't be afraid to try lipstick, what's the worst thing that can happen? Avoid neon paint, nothing good ever comes of it, but do experiment with lashes if you get the chance. And on a different note, if you really like something or someone don't just sit on your ass and think about it! Go make a poster for the cause and put it up somewhere. Go fly-post about something you love......


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  1. 'Go make a poster for the cause and put it up somewhere. Go fly-post about something you love...'

    the perfect advice in life from Lucy...