Okay Mr Louboutin clearly wasn't happy with the already fetishistic vibes his work was oozing, so in Fall (ok Autumn, but Fall sounds so much better) '07, he bestowed upon us this collaboration with filmaker David Lynch, entitled Fetish. Were us four (Pervy Girls, Louboutin, Lynch) separated at birth or what? I mean this is the stuff of every Pervy Girls wet dream and almost better than sex (we said ALMOST). The collection pushed the boundaries of extreme fetish, yet still managed to make itself appeal to EVERYBODY. C'mon boys, who wouldn't want their girlfriend (bitch/fuck-buddy) to get dirty with them wearing these? And girls don't pretend you wouldn't completely turn yourself on  jerking off wearing them. Okay so this is old, leave us alone, your memories needed jogging. Don't pretend you don't love it.


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