Lui magazine

Lui magazine was created in the 60's by fashion photographer turned publisher Daniel Fillipacchi as the french answer to Playboy. However with its perfectly styled shoots, A-list hotties and mind blowing aesthetic this magazine has that certain  je ne sais quoi that even we feel that Playboy has never achieved. Whether it's down to Fillipacchi's previous career in the fashion industry or whether the guy is just a total bloody genius, it doesn't matter. Because whatever the reason, he did it oh so right. But all good things have to come to an end, right? And Lui is no exception. Don't be fooled, the magazine is still published however the forgotten narrative, glamour and touch of french class is completely lost. Meaning it now merely resembles your average top shelf porno; gathering dust until some horny 14 year old school boy comes to buy a copy. You know the score. Don't get me wrong, you know we are all for tacky porno's, just not ones that blow our pervy minds then think they can change and take that all away. Anyway check it out for your self, old or new Lui is shit hot. 



  1. Love the guy in the trench with the mustache and the Miami Vice hair. And the fourth pic is very Madonna SEX book, no?

  2. Picture 5: Laughing while naked. Always sexy? Hard to say...