Vampire sex in a can lads? 
We're all friends here, us girls won't judge your freaky fantasies... 
too much.

Oh xtina

Christina looks as slammin' as ever baring all on the cover of W magazines' July issue. I'm glad that shes ditched the husband and doing what she does best - being the ultimate trashy bitch.
Christina, We love you, always have always will.


Fire Walk With Me

With the mist of summer approaching, a new project to devise and a huge creative block, I looked to David Lynch for inspiration. I have always admired Lynch's surrealist style and the exploration of violence within his work. Although a fan of his films and art, I was yet to watch the cult classic Twin Peaks, a task that I had been meaning to do for quite a few years, yet never got around to doing it. With a whole week dedicated to watching Twin Peaks in it's entirety, I myself, jumped on the bandwagon and joined the cult. After dusting off my cowboy jacket and sharpening my spurs, I created this test shoot. The projected images are used to signify the horror and torment that Laura Palmer endured through her dreams leading up to her death.
A shoot to follow in the next month.