Turning Japanese

Ok so this is NOT a music blog. Us Pervy Girls don't profess to know anything about music apart from music we occasionally like to get freaky to (no, my heart will not go on, we're kinda into nervous breakdowns), so anyway the only time you will hear us talking about music is when it's linked to sex. With Bo Ningen this is how it goes, they make music and we want to have sex with them. Seriously these guys are so hot, in a cloned Grudge orgy, just don't give a fuck kinda way. We're not going to try and bang on about the type of music they make, blah, they put on a fucking amazing show and thats all we care about, along with perving on their hotness. So anyway here are some rubbish pictures from their gig at the Victoria, last Friday. We were too busy shaking ass and being hit in the head with guitars to get any good snaps.


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