Okay, so I'm walking through a market when I get chatting to these two guys about my quest for some old playboy mags, we start talking about the differences between the issues now to back then, when the guy on the right pulls out a huge scrapbook (see photo) completely filled with old black and white pornographic images from the 40's! The content was absolutely blow your mind insane. One image in particular showed a woman breastfeeding her child on one boob and a pig on the other, the only way I can begin to start to justify its excellence to you is to make you imagine the amazing Nan Goldin and Larry Clark creating a lovechild and raising it on crack. Getting all three of them together. In a house. In the fourties.  Fill with a few guys. a few gals. And a camera. Woah I would give anything to be able to have that scrapbook even for a day to show my fellow pervy girl and to scan til my hearts content. But unfortunately the guy holds this book very close to his pervy heart and will not be parted from it. 


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