Family Gems.

So I've been given a brief at uni to create a handbook on street fashion. In order to get a personal account of the street fashion in London before my time I decided to ask my auntie who I knew studied here in the 80's, I wasnt expecting much from my estranged aunt, she has lived in New York my whole life so contact between us is brief. Little did I know she was about to blow my fucking mind! Its too long to write the whole bunch of emails she sent me, but for you to get an idea the first one opened like this.. 'I used to go to Taboo, with the famous Leigh Bowery, and Yalle Bakke make-up artist extrodinaire. Yalle and I put christmas party hats on my boobs on boxing day as a joke and Jean Paul Gautier was there and well then out came the famous corset with the pointy tits that he designed for Madonna.' ER WOAH. The latter part of the emails read that she styled the accesories for a Vivienne Westwood show in 1990 who then lent her the long tight cupid dress with orb necklace and famous shoes for her leaving party before she went to New York .. Her best friend was Mark from ABC, she worked in a sandwich shop opposite the Clash's recording studio and would deliver them cheese sandwhiches everyday, then take the train home with the amazing Joe Strummer, lived in Camden with the 'wonderful' Maria who turned out to be a lesbian/prostitute, worked 70 hours a week  for £2 an hour, had three jobs and lived off of ciggarettes and humous, she claims she was one of the early goths and partied every night dressed to the 9's, she hated disco and moved to New York for a little more danger. My Mind went gaga, I want to write a whole book on her. Totes jealous of her life and cant believe I never knew all this before. 

Next stop New York, to steal her address book.


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