Perverts Chronicles

The anarchic and aggressive punk culture started in the mid 70’s, the people following this new movement claimed that they were an ‘anti-fashion urban youth street culture.’ Punk fashion was a revolt of the unemployed and students as the style could be obtained with very little cash. Garments were re fashioned to hide their original forms by being ripped, frayed, torn, defaced and dyed. Embellishments were added wherever possible and accessories hugely differed from what was normally fashioned; safety pins were not only used to hold together tears in clothing but were also used as jewellery for piercings, spikes were often seen on belts and jackets and bike chains replaced ordinary necklaces and bracelets. Leather, vinyl and rubber clothing were also very popular within punk fashion. Footwear such as converse, Dr.Martens and brothel creepers were the main choice of footwear for both sexes as well as hair that stood in Mohawks and spikes always vibrantly coloured.  


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