Slave 4 U

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 I heard about slaves on Gumtree, a while back and my first thought was 'eww' at some skeez getting his/her kicks outta being told they are the most disgustingly vile thing to ever crawl the earth while wearing a nappy. Then I got bummed out with cleaning/tidying and thought it wouldn't hurt to look into it and this is what I found (see above). Not only can you have a 'domestic slave' who will crawl around your house carrying out your every demand, in a freaking maids outfit if you desire, there are also 'financial slaves' who will to take you out and buy loads of stuff for you and all you have to do is tell them how sick they make you, how they belong burning in the depths of hell etc. You don't even have to make out with them...kinda hot? I dunno I'm just saying. Slaves are blates gonna be the ultimate accessory of 2010, so snap yours up quickly guys and gals.


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  1. are you thinking what i'm thinking?
    cause i damn sure need a quick buck.