Okay, so firstly on behalf of The Pervy Girls I would like to apologise for the total lack of blogging, we're shit. Whatevs.  Secondly I would just like to elaborate on how hard it is to find a fucking place to live in London. Who knew it would be so hard?! One bed places are a total no-no unless you are fond of living in a pest (un)controlled environment in a room the size of a laid out kleenex tissue with a shared bathroom, shared kitchen and hell even a shared bed wouldn't be far off. Oh and did I forget to mention these places come at a cheap £150 per week and are of course convientently placed absolutely no where near any transport links? Then when you do eventually find somewhere you are greeted by welcoming, friendly, kind, helpful estate agents who will do their upmost to make you happy. Like add some more charges on top. Cunts. Maybe I would have more luck if I didn't base my whole living decisions on where I could hold the best parties...?

Yeah, to be continued. Unfortunately.


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