Christmas Barbie

Christian Louboutin has 'collaborated with Barbie' (Um, yeah Barbie's not actually real, so that must have been hard) this christmas to create the Cat Burglar Barbie, that can be purchased from Net-a-Porter but for a not so original Barbie price of £100. The Barbie comes styled in a raunchy black catsuit, with a collection of four red soled Louboutins, all of which come with their own shoe bag and box. Okay, so aren't half the female population already jealous of Barbies amazingly hot plastic body? Without adding to the fact that she now 'owns' not one but FOUR pairs of shoes designed by arguably one of the most desired shoe designers in the world. I would say that this makes our (probably hidden) secret jealousy of a doll, stem just that little bit further. Because lets face it, if you're buying the doll you sure as hell can't afford the real thing. I can't actually decide whether I think this is a good idea or whether its just plain creepy. I mean where would you put it? Weird.


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