Liquor overflowin the cup, bout 5/6 strippers tryna work for a buck

Being a perve by name, it kinda figures you have to be a perve by nature. With this in mind we hopped, skipped and drunkenly tripped our way to our nearest strip bar. Okay so this wasn't quite the one off we're making it sound, it seems our most recent obsession is frequenting strip bars to perve on all the hoes wrapping themselves round a pole for the sleaziest of mens viewing pleasure (and us obvs). We've become quite the experts in the choice of venue to attend, so we recommend The Axe, Hackney Road (cept the bitches there wanted like £80 for a lapdance. Boo is what us and our conglomerate of perves said, she was no Jenna. Just sayin.) Anyway here are a few rubbish pics from one such outing, they were done on the down-low cause apparently strippers wanna remain anonomous. We say whatevs. Enjoy sleazebags.


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