Josh Olins

Given my (somewhat annoying) indecisive nature, I can never decide who 'my favourite'  person within any given field is. Purely for the fact that it changes daily and the fact that I really do not know. But in photography terms, Josh Olins is definitely up there in the favourite stakes. His raw talent and sharp aesthetic give his editorial images an undeniable and intriguing edge, that  I for one, can't get enough of. Upon opening any worth reading editorial magazine, you will most likely stumble across one of his amazing shoots or advertising campaigns, a shoot of which he would of had a heavy influence on the art direction too. The man is obviously a genius with an array of inter-changeable skills who I feel needs more recognition! Unfortunately I have waited a year for his website which states that it is 'coming soon' to actually come, however as of yet, it is still annoyingly not complete! So you will have to check out his work through other sources, which given our technological world is easy, so no excuses! go google. now!


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