As a complete technophobe and preferring to hang out playing kiss chase, I never got down with the phenomenon that was 'MSN'/chat rooms. I could never get my head around hanging with my babes in the classroom, then going home to exchange LOL's and smileys with them all night. Call me old fashioned but I was way more partial to an old-school, marathon, phone conversation (whispered confessions about our latest boy crushes, obvs so the parental units wouldn't hear). Anyway what I'm trying to say is I never got down with the whole virtual chat sensation, and I have kinda always looked down my nose at people who were hooked on that shit, spending their evenings hanging out with their cyber-friends, while their eyes turned square and their skin transparent (from lack of natural light, right). This is all until Chat Roulette. The two most beautiful words in the virtual world. And it's like now I totally get it, all those years of living in complete ignorance and all the while I have been missing out on stuff like this. Okay so I still stick to my original point that it isn't the same if it's your real-life friends you're talking to (right now, I'm going to completely ignore the facebook-chat seshes my housemates and I have been known to divulge in on the odd occasion, I'm talking sitting in the same room, on the same sofa, whatevs) or virtual perverts trying to groom 12 year old homegirls, anyway this isn't what Chat Roulette is about, you are randomly paired with a complete stranger from around the world to engage in conversation that will no doubt change your life. By this I mean the disorder that is currently affecting Chat Roulette addicts the world over, y'know the one that makes you fall completely in love a total random and then when you mistakenly 'next' them you are left pining for hours (oh Tim from NY and the Surrey boys if you are reading this we still haven't forgotten you). Okay so you get some total freaks but c'mon they're pretty adorable in their own way right? I mean who doesn't wanna see someone fucking themselves with a giant dildo/fish/wine bottle, up their butt? Cause we totally dig that. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, so get in there quick you bunch of babes before Chat Roulette becomes so cool it's not cool. We'll see you there for some cyberluv.

peace &love


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  2. We were screen-grabbing chat roulette for weeks trying to make a post about it, sadly most of the flesh we saw was just on a loop.
    Plus I met the one and she nexted me.

  3. Cyberluvin can be a bitch,
    you find that whore and get her back!
    The good stuff is far and inbetween these days,
    since people discovered video looping,
    Stick in there though, treasures are still to be found!