Another blah update

So whilst my fellow perv is making me very proud bustin' her butt studying her heart out, I have (hopefully) rectified the whole loser drop out saga and am currently enjoying the interning life. Not the early mornings and the not getting paid part however. The shoe 'n' party fund is dramatically decreasing at an exceptionally fast pace and I spend more time out of my bed than in it (This is normal to most but me and my girl find laziness comes to us with ease. This doesn't bother us infact we quite enjoy it.) But yeah, despite the above, i am quite becoming accustomed to the working life. For now. No job can ever beat the student life, which I intend to fully lap up come september. So I'm back in London now with lover boy, no longer living in a prison cell but a cute room in Harrow shared with 3 polish and a Rasta who rather generously likes to give us weed. I'd say this year has started on quite a high. Literally. 


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