Hermès - J’aime mon carré

A simple statement from Paris – J’aime mon carré or I love my scarf. Shout it in the street, write it in lipstick on your mirror, stick it on your fridge, pin it to your chest!

Hermès believe in the idea that their silk scarf is for life and for living, as do we! In appreciation to this very idea Hermès have created a fanzine in order to document the fervour around that traditional silk square of which the Hermès ‘carré’ is the ultimate expression. British photographer Matt Irwin, Art Director Dean Langley and stylist Francesca Burns travelled to London, Paris, New York and Tokyo with 7 girls, 4 boys and 250 scarves in order to create this wonderful fanzine!

From the 18th-21st November J’aime mon carré will be at the Rochelle school of art, and 25th November at Ledbury Road, West London. Here you will learn how to style your scarves with the experts and get your style on record by one of their photographers! Definitely one not to be missed!


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