An Apology

To every single pervy gal, guy, whore, deviant, sicko, slut etc

We, the Pervy Girls, have a huge apology to make for our shameless lack of blogging. Okay so most of you reading this are probs thinking whatevs like I noticed anyway. But we're polite so we'll say soz. We took a summer hiatus, not just from blogging but from sane life in general, and spending most days waking up in a gutter (that's not in a cool 'I party so hard' kinda way either, I mean gutter, literally, okay corridors/strangers bed but whatevs) anyway we haven't found enough time to dedicate ourselves to our pash, aka you guys, as we should have. So we're back on track, with a duel move to saaaaf (Peckham obvs) for both us perverts, fash internships galore, a brand spanking new start at uni for my darling fellow pervy and loadsa buff photoshoots in the pipeline means we're all inspired n stuff. Watch this motherfucking space babes. In the meantime I will leave you with my (and I use the term loosely) photographic journal of all things August aka the missing month.

fucks n kisses

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  1. Ha - loving your blog! Good luck in your internships also :)

    - Keri