don't be a cliche

Okay so first things first we don't claim to be the dali lama's of style and originality, before anyone starts getting all bitchy (but fyi we basically are y'know) and this totally isn't aimed at any of you perverts coz obvs you are all complete babes. But don't you get so aggro at how everyone claims that the same old losers* are their 'style icons'. We have to do a lot of this shit for uni etc (aka asking deadbeats in soho and/or brick lame what inspires them) and basically it's dead boring hearing how Kate Moss inspires people to go out and wear their fuggs and skinnies or whatevs. I mean all of the above are obviously worshipped for a reason, even if that reason is they USED to be babes/original/hot/'cool'. Eww are we whinging. Well anyway we are bored of those bitches and would much rather be raiding the wardrobes and stealing the boyfs/girlfs of the following sluts.

*bit harsh, soz

Mink Stole

Kelly Bundy

Corrine Burns

Jane Birken


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  1. sometimes i feel like i was born in the wrong era :(
    how can i be nostalgic for a time when i wasn't even born x x xxx